No Answer for Dallas Keuchel or Joe West

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Alex Rodriguez gives home plate ump Joe West an earful at Minute Maid Park in Houston on June 25, 2015

Game 73 | 39-34, 2nd : The Yankees were handcuffed by both Houston starter Dallas Keuchel and home plate umpire Joe West — whose strike zone was in flux throughout the game. Keuchel tossed a complete game shutout while recording a career high 12 strikeouts against New York, a feat accomplished by only four pitchers in the modern era.
Not to say West was the sole reason for the Yankees’ putrid performance at the plate — Keuchel had the New York hitters off balance all night — but West’s moving target of a strike zone didn’t help matters. And a Bronx cheer to the new Yankee hitting coaches for failing to prepare the hitters with any actionable intel on Keuchel. There was no plan at the plate by any batter, and you could put a ‘lowlight’ reel together of some of the most terrible swings you’ll ever see. From start to finish, a punchless, disheartening showing from the Bronx Bombers, manager on down.

Here’s the box score, full recap, and video highlights.

Astros 4, Yankees 0

  • Adam Warren   In what may just be his last start in the 5-man rotation, Warren turned in yet another decent outing all told, but a lack of offense left him no margin for error.

FOOTNOTES : What’s up with this?’s Bryan Hoch tweets that Jacoby Ellsbury will join the team tomorrow in Houston, but he’s not ready to play yet …


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