Yanks Drop 3rd Straight; Whitley Hurt

Alex Rodriguez launches a solo home run to right-center field, his ninth of the season and his 1,000th RBI with the Yankees on May 14, 2015 at Kansas City

Game 36 : The suddenly anemic Yankees lost more than a ballgame and a series tonight in Tampa. Chase Whitley, the stand-in for Masahiro Tanaka in the rotation, was removed in the second inning after 43 pitches and back to back walks. A ‘right elbow injury’ was the initial report, with an MRI scheduled in Tampa for tomorrow.
The offense looked like they just wanted to get the hell out of town. Until Alex Rodriguez homered in the top of the 9th, the Yankees did not record an extra-base hit over the the past two games — 22 singles in total. A-Rod’s dinger also avoided the indignity of a shutout loss for the first time since last September.

Here’s the box score, full recap, and video highlights.

Rays 6, Yankees 1

  • Alex Rodriguez   It didn’t take much to qualify for a ‘thumbs up’ in this stinker, but A-Rod’s 9th home run was his 1,000th RBI as a Yankee.

  • Chase Whitley   ‘Insult to injury’ is the understatement of the night here. In addition to getting the hook in the seconding inning with elbow trouble, the Alabama native was tagged with the loss.

    “It’s frustrating, but I’ve been dealing with it for a while. When I first started dealing with it, I gave it to the Lord and it’s in his hands. We’ll make the best of it.” ‐ Chase Whitley  (h/t: mlb.com)

    Check out the excellent piece by Chad Jennings over at LoHud “Postgame notes: “I had no idea where it was going”.

    It was finally McCann who motioned to the dugout and called for the trainer. He knows what Whitley’s supposed to look like on the mound, and this wasn’t it. Manager Joe Girardi got to the rubber, and for the first time, Whitley admitted that his elbow was bothering him. That’s when Girardi patted Whitley on the chest. When Whitley slammed the ball into McCann’s glove, it wasn’t because he wanted to stay in the game, it was because he knew he couldn’t. — (h/t: Chad Jennings, LoHud)

FOOTNOTES : RIP American music legend BB King, who passed today at age 89 …


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