Welcome to Moiderer's Row

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Let’s get this party started, my brothers and sisters! Two Ton Tony here. Resident aficionado of all things pinstripe, and a womb-to-the-tomb Yankees fan who has been living and dying with the club since the 1960s. Family lore has me at The (old) Stadium watching Whitey Ford pitch — albeit on my father’s shoulders in the bleachers as a four year-old. I’ll take his word for it.
The old man, on the other hand, did see it all. And never missed an opportunity to fill my noggin with the heroics of those legendary teams from the late 1940s  throughout the early 60s — which I’ll be forever grateful.
As a kid, he saw Ruth play. And The Iron Horse, Lazzari, etc. The Clipper, The Mick, Yogi, Billy Martin, The Scooter, you know the list …
“My Yankees” teams came in the mid to late 1970s, when George’s goal of returning the team to dominance began to take shape. The heroes of my youth were Louisiana Lightning, Mr. October, Wille Randolph, ‘Puff’ Nettles, Chambliss, Sweet Lou, Mick The Quick, Roy White, Sparky and the rest of The Bronx Zoo gang. You couldn’t even fathom it at the time, but after the 1978 title, there wouldn’t be another one again until 1996. If nothing else, those 18 years in the wilderness put me in a mindset to appreciate and savor every special moment of the ’96-2001 run. Even the heartbreaker in ’01 was digestible in spite of the outcome. Special times indeed.
Though we hit bottom in 2013, you have to be excited about the new-look roster. Can’t wait! Lets-go, Yan-kees!


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