Nobody Walks in LA, Except Halos; Pen Blows Phelps' Solid Start

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What’s the old saying? You can watch a million baseball games, then see something you’ve never seen before? It must be true, because I dunno about you, but I can’t recall watching ANY game that featured 5 consecutive 2 out walks, and 3 with the bases loaded. Well, maybe in a Little League game I can’t recall at the moment, but I digress.
In a well-pitched and tightly played 1-1 game heading into the the bottom of the 8th, the Angels plated 3 runs without the benefit of a hit. Shawn Kelly, Matt Thorton, and Preston Claiborne combined to walk 6 Halos, with the wild inning ending with a 4-1 deficit for the Yanks.
In the top of the 8th, manager Joe Girardi got tossed for arguing a balls and strike call — a no-no — but with good reason. In a possible game-changing moment, Brett Gardner was at the plate, bases loaded and no outs, with a 2-1 count, as Angel’s starter Jarred Weaver delivered a slider that seemed unquestionably low. Home plate ump Laz (Joe West, Jr.) Diaz promptly called it a strike. Girardi emerged from the dugout and let Diaz have it, getting tossed before he even got face-to-face for the jawing session. But Joe did get his money’s worth in a good ‘ol skipper vs ump showdown.
In what has now become a string of absolutely frustrating games, the Yankees again failed to capitalize on RSIP situations. After Gardner struck out, Derek Jeter lined into an inning-ending DP. Then the momentum walked the Angels way.
Here’s the box score and a recap.
GAMEDAY NOTES: The last time Yankee pitchers walked 6 in one inning was 1990 … After walking 4 and getting lifted in the 8th, Shawn Kelly was tossed for giving Laz Diaz some choice words as he was coming off the mound …


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