Sleepwalking Yanks Drop 3rd Straight, 8-4

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Yankees' Chris Young smacks 3-run homer vs Boston on April 11, 2015

Game 5 : Less than 12 hours since the final out of last night’s 19-inning, 6 hours and 49 minutes marathon was recorded, the Yankees and Red Sox clashed again before a crowd of 46,000 plus at The Stadium.
It looked like Boston got just enough sleep, while New York seemed to go through the motions with lifeless at-bats and terrible play in the field. Three errors were charged to the Yanks, but it should have been five. Combine that with no plan at the plate against Sox starter Joe (yet another Yankee Killer) Kelly, and it was a brutal affair to witness.

Game 5 Notes

The Good

  • A promising outing from Adam Warren, the fourth start of his young career. Despite the shaky defense behind him, he kept the Yanks in the game. 5.1 innings, 1 ER.
  • A decent outing from today’s call-up Matt Tracy — who if not for an error should have been out of the inning before Brock Holt’s dagger 3-run double in the 8th. The St. Louis native was a 24th round draft pick for the Bomber’s in 2011, and today was his major league debut.
  • Nice 8th inning 3-run blast by Chris Young, no stranger to late game heroics in his brief Yankee career. Unfortunately, this squad is yet to prove they can dig out of a 5 run hole.

The Bad

  • Offense is 2014 deja vu all over again. No one can get on base. If someone somehow gets on base, no one can move him into scoring position. If a runner somehow happens to be in scoring position, no one can knock him in.
  • Little or no discipline  at the plate. No one seems to be working counts. A Yankee hitter steps in the box, and he’s down 0-2 before you can blink twice — unless he strokes a lazy fly ball or pop up on the first pitch. How many hitting coaches do we have again? Has anyone seen them? Two free tickets to a Muts game if you can name one.

The Ugly

  • The defense — or lack thereof. 8 errors in the first 5 games (should be 10!) Worst in MLB at this writing.

The Wrap

Joe looks like he wants to jam a rusty screwdriver into one of his eye sockets. Who can blame him? I almost did it tonight. Here’s the box score.

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