Sanchez, Boone and The Shrinking New York Yankees

Gary Sanchez New York Yankees

UPDATE: Gary Sanchez has been placed back on the DL after re-aggravating his recent groin injury. See SNY’s : Yankees’ Gary Sanchez lands on DL night after supposed ‘lazy’ play.

It’s getting harder and harder to watch this team play.

The late, great Yogi wouldn’t be having any of this. If he was still with us, guaranteed he’d be in Sanchez’ ear. And if something like this happened under Billy Martin’s watch, Sanchez would have been pulled on the spot after the first infraction — as Billy would have probably taken a swing at him after the second.

Equally disturbing was manager Aaron Boone’s response at the post-game press conference. On each play, he said he happened to be focusing on another area of the field of play, and didn’t see exactly what Sanchez was or was not doing. That will not play in New York, and Boone needs to be called on it. Maybe the tough love, disciplinarian approach to a player is not Boone’s style, but the season is slipping away and that “turning point” moment needs to happen now.

It’s Gettin’ Late Early

The deficit is now 6 games and the possibility that the Yankees may miss the postseason all together is indeed real. Baseball the way it’s meant to be played is on display in Oakland and Seattle these days, and that may be your AL Wild Card play-in game right there, assuming Houston hangs on to the Western division lead. What happens then?

Late Draft Kings Cheatsheet

Yonny vs The Yankees

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Yonny Chirinos has never faced the Yankees, but looks to be just the type of pitcher to give them trouble. The first thing in his favor is that he is an unknown. Secondly, he has a four pitch arsenal of which all can be thrown for strikes. When he’s on, he will pound the lower region of the strike zone — exactly what Yankee hitters fall prey to on a consistent basis.
With the exception of Giancarlo Stanton and Miguel Andijar, New York is in a funk right now. They are 5-5 in their last 10 and do not seem overly concerned about the direction the club is heading. At $4,700, Chirinos could be highway robbery.

Tanaka vs The 51-49 Rays

Not huge samples sizes but the current Rays roster loves to see Tanaka visit The Trop. Hitting a collective .380 off the Yankees’ righty, Tampa is led by Kevin Kiermaier, who has hit for the cycle over 15 at-bats, going 7-15. Tanaka also has to be wary of Matt Duffy, Carlos Gomez and the hot hitting third baseman Daniel Robertson.
The wise guys have the Yankees a solid favorite with a money line of -190, with an over/under of 7.5. Keep in mind New York is winless against Tampa over their last 5 matchups, and 1-5 against the spread in their last 6. Good luck and go Yanks!

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