Pineda, Tex Restore Order in The Apple

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Jacoby Ellsbury homers against the New York Mets on April 24, 2015

Game 17 | 10-7, T-1st : So the Mets now own New York? Not so fast, you breathless media types. The Kings of Queens’ uncanny 11-game win streak came to an abrupt halt in The Bronx tonight, thanks in most part to Michael Pineda‘s masterful mound performance and Mark Teixeira‘s thunderous bat.
Big Mike was dominant from the go — 100 pitches, 78 strikes over 7.2 innings. Mets starter Jacob deGrom, who gives up home run balls as often as our elected officials tell the truth, was touched up for no less than three tonight. Two by Tex, and the third by Jacoby Ellsbury.

“He’s matured. He took a tough situation last year and figured out how to pitch in the cold,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said, referring to when Pineda was caught using pine tar at Boston. “On a night like tonight, it was extremely impressive.”

Yankees 6, Mets 1

Here’s the box score, full recap, and video highlights.

  • Big Mike   At the time of the then-shocking Jesus Montero – Michael Pineda trade, I recall a talking head on television saying something to the effect of “Watch out for this Pindea guy, he’s got filthy stuff, and could be on a par with King Felix (Hernandez).” Since then, that line has been in the back of my head, and in-between every ‘one-step forward, two-steps back’ chapter in Pineda’s storyline, he has shown tantalizing flashes of that promise. Tonight was one of those nights. Here’s hoping he strings a bunch of these together.
  • Big Bats  The Yankees offense is beginning to hit like the back of their bubble-gum cards. Mark Teixeira is looking like he was dead serious with his pre-season goal of 30 homers and 100 RBI. He’s the Tex of 2009 that we’ve missed since then. Jacoby Ellsbury is finally off the HR schneid after clubbing a rocket to right off Mets starter Jacob deGrom. The power is the last piece of Ellsbury’s game that is finally starting to gel.



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