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Derek Jeter
The Captain gives umpire the malooka September 3, 2005 against Tampa. Photo: Googie man at the English language Wikipedia

Win it for Cap! Do the Yankees have a dream season in their bones? While baseball writers are giving the club no shot at October glory in 2014, don’t tell that to the players or the die-hard fans. The bats are re-loaded and the rotation is more promising than anyone thought. Are there question marks? Sure. The infield could still prove to be the mess that some are predicting, and we can’t have 24 guys taking turns on the DL again.
But as hope springs eternal, here’s to an injury-free campaign with The Captain channeling his 2012 season at the plate, and it all ending like 2009 — in a pile on the pitcher’s mound at The Stadium. Derek Jeter has earned 5 World Series rings, and a sixth would be a magical ending to a magical Hall of Fame career.
Here we go, Yan-kees. Here we go!


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