Nightmare in Baltimore: Series Finale Postponed, Another Twin-Bill Looms

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Thanks to number of games the Yankees need to make up, the Bombers (.685) are in first place and a half game back of Boston (.678) at the same time. The club dodged a rain-out yesterday which avoided yet another double-header for them to play, but they were not so lucky today. Today’s scratch will be made up as part of a single-admission doubleheader on Saturday, August 25th at Camden Yards. Something the Yankees need like a hole in the head.

Yankees & MLB Fantasy Roundup for Sunday, June 3, 2018

With the Yankee game postponed, here are a few suggestions for contests in various start times around MLB today.

Who’s Hot

One simple rule I find myself breaking is the failure to stay with a hot hitter. It’s almost seems like if I don’t uncover a new nugget for today’s game, I’m not doing my homework. I couldn’t be more wrong.
On the other hand, there’s no hard and fast rule of when to drop a hitter who looks like they’re about to cool off — how long did you stay with Didi Gregorius when his horrible slump began at the start of May? I know I stayed with him a few games longer than I should have.
I tend to think along the lines of the late 49ers head coach Bill Walsh, who once claimed it was always better to cut a player a year early than a year late. Case in point is that in MLB, there is always someone coming up while someone is going down.
If your guy is cooling off, don’t stay with him longer than you should. When you get that sense, find out who is making some noise and ride that horse before the masses pick up on it.


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Mike Clevinger ($11,100). Not a great stack of hurlers to pick from in today’s 1:05PM EST contest slot, but Clevinger has done us solid lately, and he is dependable on the road.
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Alternate Pick: Jeremy Hellickson (7,500). The up and coming right-hander uses a knuckle-curve and changeup to compliment a four-seam fastball and sinker (both in the 90s) to keep hitters off balance. Thanks mainly to a lack of run support, Hellickson has figured in only 2 decisions so far this season, victories in both.

Third Base

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Justin Turner ($4,500). Turner sees Colorado Rockies starter Chad Bettis well, hitting .500 (9-18), and is hitting Colorado pitching to the tune of .300 so far in 2018. The over/under is 11.5 for this contest, so expect a typical Coors Field tilt, with the Dodgers the favorite.


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Yasiel Puig ($4,700). The Dodgers have been tearing up Colorado pitching and that is not expected to end this afternoon. Puig has been red-hot the past week (.429 BA in 21 ABs) and is 4-11 with 4 RBI versus Bettis.
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Dustin Fowler ($3,800). The former pinstripe farm jewel is heating up and likes hitting in Kansas City. How can you beat that? A solid pick for the dineros.
Remember this is for speculation only, not meant to be taken as gospel. Don’t forget to double-check your lineup(s) just prior to game time as weather events may cause some major headaches. We exist under the manta that “You can’t predict baseball” but it’s fun trying. Good luck with your lineup and let’s go Yankees!


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