Lowly Phils Repeat Beatdown

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Chris Young ties the ballgame at 6 in the 5th inning with a line-drive double down the left-field line, scoring Carlos Beltran at Yankee Stadium on June 23, 2015

Game 71 | 38-33, 2nd : The New York Yankees have embarked on an epic losing streak. It’s only three games so far, but they’re not just losing. They’re getting slobberkockered. The team has given up 34 runs in the last three games, and for only the second time in over 100 years the Yanks have allowed 11 runs or more in three consecutive games. Tonight’s beatdown at the hands of the Philadelphia Phillies was ugly, no other way to put it.

Lost in the translation of this clusterfu*k was a four home run night from the New York offense. Garrett Jones, Brett Gardner, Chase Headley, Alex Rodriguez all went deep, in a game on paper you’d think would be enough against the worst team in Major League Baseball — at home, no less.
Introducing the newest member to the Yankee-Killer Club — Maikel Franco. Second 5-RBI game in a row including 3 home runs, and started Philly’s 9th inning blowout frame with a 2-run double.
Here’s the box score, full recap, and video highlights.

Phillies 11, Yankees 6

  • The Offense   Can’t pin this one on the bats for a change. Give me 6 runs against the worst team in MLB, even with the inconsistent Sabathia on the mound, I’m liking our chances. They tried like hell, but it wasn’t enough.
  • Chase Headley   Kudos to the suddenly defensively challenged third-baseman for his 100th career home run. He was stuck on 99 forever and maybe his troubles with the leather has been affecting his hitting. The team needs both out of Headley. Hopefully he turns the corner on both here.

  • CC Sabathia   The ship has to be righted. This cannot continue. You could argue he’s snakebit to a degree with the lack of run support, but you can’t be needing a minimum of 7 runs when a certain starter takes the mound.
  • “I always feel good about CC when he’s out there. I’ve seen him do it too many times not to believe in him. It’s frustrating for him, but as I said, we’ll continue to work at it, and we’ll get him right.” ‐ Joe Girardi  (h/t: Chad Jennings/LoHud)

  • Almost Every Other Pitcher   In a rare occurrence, Dellin Betances lost the plot in the 9th inning and could not locate pitches. He suffered his first career loss in the process.



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