Let's Go Royals!

F the Muts

F the Muts
I don’t know what came over me. It was a moment of weakness. My gut instinct told me no way in Hell I root for the Muts. It’s not in my DNA. But I tried to talk myself out of it. “Self,” I sez, “Hey, the upside could be that it would be great for New York (a city that needs something good to happen, but that’s another column), and maybe it would light a fire under the collectives asses who run things in The Bronx to reclaim the back pages of the daily fish wrap.”

It started out easy, due also to the fact that the Kansas City Royals are one of the least likable teams in MLB. It seems every time there was a bench-clearing who-ha on the highlights, the Royals were involved. And I never hated on any Mut players, only the uniform and everything it stands for. Especially Mut fans. They’re not a lovable bunch, even when family members are counted. They’re joyless and arrogant, but who could blame them. They don’t deserve the euphoric feeling Yankee fans have come to expect in October, now November.
As the Series shifted to Citi Field in Queens, the nation gets to see Muts fans up close and personal. All you needed to witness was the ‘Yankees suck’ chant during last night’s game. Anyone growing up or living in the New York area knows the Yankees live rent-free in the heads of Muts fans. As classless as that act was, at least win first. As Bill Parcells famously said (about touchdown celebrations) “Act like you’ve been there before.”
Holding my nose as I say this — but ‘Let’s Go Royals!’. Take care of business tonight in Game 5, and remind the last Muts fan leaving the ballpark to hit the lights.

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