Let's Go AL! Good Luck Jeter & Betances!

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ALL-STAR BREAK: With home-field advantage in the World Series at stake — which is one of the dumbest ideas in the history of stupidity — here’s to a big night for the Junior Circuit. It’ll be nice for the Yankees to have that little extra edge in October, even if it’s psychological. OK, when you’re done laughing, kindly consider the following:

  • No team in the AL East has run away with this thing yet. We have no confidence Baltimore will rip off a 17-3 streak anytime soon.
  • The team has lost 80% of it’s Opening Day starting rotation and they are playing .500 ball, thankfully in a weak division.
  • The offense is atrocious. The lineup is too good to play this way an entire season.
  • With serious injuries, extended slumps, and generally bad play, they are only 5 games back.

Congratulations and good luck to Derek Jeter and Dellin Betances. Let’s go, American League! Let’s go Yankees!


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