NY Slams Way To Rogers Debut Win, 10-6

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GAME 115: Esmil Rogers started it and Carlos Beltran finished it — but not after some rare and unnecessary drama from Yankees relief corps.
Here’s the box score and recap.

Rogers: So Far, So Good

Rodgers, a Toronto Blue Jays cast-off, continues to impress. First in spot relief, and now with a solid start.

“Unbelievable; an unbelievable opportunity,” Rogers said. “When you come in the first inning and they got five right away, I just told myself try to throw five or six innings and win the game.”
“This is what we’ve seen from him,” Girardi said. “I just wasn’t sure how much he would be able to give us, and I think we were pretty conscious of watching his stuff continue to be sharp as his pitch count mounted. He did a great job.”

Jeter Ties Honus Wagner!

The Captain has been climbing up on some big name lists in Yankees and MLB lore over the last few years, but this one is a biggy. Honus Wagner!.

Breakthrough: 7 Games Over!

It only took 114 games, but yesterday the Yankees achieved their high-water mark of going 6 games over .500 for the first time this season, and increased that to 7 tonight. What did Joe Torre say? “Just win series”. Hopefully this continues.

MEMORY LANE: On August 9th, 1998, the Yankees defeated the Kansas City Royals 5-4 at Yankee Stadium. Get this — the Yankees record after this win was 84-29. That’s video game numbers! It should remind anyone tuned in at that time just how special that season really was…


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