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Benitez Drills Tino, Epic Brawl Ensues

May 19, 1998 — Baseball ‘brawls’ have been mocked by sports fans since forever. But every once in a while, there is one for the ages. This was one of those, as it harkened back to the legendary Yankees-Red Sox donnybrooks of the 1970s.

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Yankees GM Gene 'Stick' Michael and top pick Brien Taylor in 1991

New York Yankees MLB Amateur Draft Selections (1990-1999)

The amateur draft selections by the New York Yankees in the 1990’s mirrored the play of the team itself. As the team went from worst to first within the span of 5 seasons, the draft proved to be a bumpy ride as well. Here we break down the top picks from 1990 to 1999, and see how they turned out. Some are headed to the Hall of Fame, others not so much.

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