Robbie Cano Gets Bronx Cheer, Yanks Fall to M's 6-3

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GAME 26: Robinson Cano returned to Yankee Stadium tonight in enemy laundry, and the sparse crowd let him have it. The Bleacher Creatures set up him with a brilliant roll-call salute, then added “You Sold Out”. The game was played in wet, windy temperatures in the mid-40˚s, and was almost called off. The 35,000 or so braved the conditions to came to in good part to let Cano know what they thought of him.
Over the years, certain players have turned down generous contract offers from the Yankees as free agents (Greg Maddux comes to mind), but no one of Cano’s stature has left the organization. Especially for a team that is arguably years away from seriously competing for a ring. It was thought by many all along that Robinson Cano was only about the money, and his actions proved that. He can now kiss a retired number, an appreciation day, and all of the post-career perks that come with being a Yankee star. Sure, he’ll show up for Old Timer’s Day and the vitriol will have faded by then, but he’ll never be remembered as a true Yankee.

Cano a Non-Factor

The game itself was almost a side note to everyone anticipating how Cano would be received. Aside from being booed every time he stepped to plate or touched the ball in the field, he had little effect on the outcome. Starter CC Sabathia was cruising (20 first pitch strikes to the 26 hitters faced) until the wheels came off in a 4-run Seattle 5th inning. Mariner’s starter Chris Young spread 3 hits over 5 2/3, with Mark Teixeira‘s solo home run in the 2nd the highlight for the New York offense. Brett Gardner and Ichiro had two hits apiece in an other uninspired night for the Yankees.
Here’s the box score. And recaps from New York and Seattle.
NOTES: Check out NoMaas for the funniest thing we’ve seen in a long time!


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