Another Subway Series contest, another doubleheader

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The 4 Train at Yankee Stadium IRT station, above River Avenue and 161st Street in Highbridge/Concourse, Bronx. Photo credit: Tdorante10

The Mets. Again. This reminds one of a 7-game series in any sport, where you despise the opponent in the first place, and by the 5th or 6th game you are so sick of seeing their faces you’d like to turn some of their heads into speedbags.

Never a fan of inter-league play from the go, but there is a certain appeal to the Subway Series. It’s roots are found in the ‘golden age of New York baseball’ and known then as the ‘Mayor’s Trophy Game’, which started in 1946. It began with a clash between the Yankees and the New York Giants, and continued so until 1951 when the Brooklyn Dodgers were the opponents. After that it alternated each year between Brooklyn and the Giants. It ended when New York’s two National League teams moved to California in 1958.

The Mayor’s Trophy Game resumed play in 1963 after the arrival of the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club in 1961. Actually, the 1961 Mets was the second installment of the team name. The ‘New York Metropolitans‘ played in New York between 1880 to 1887 in the American Association, and started out the Polo Grounds.

THE ORIGINAL METS The 1882 New York Metropolitans, who played in New York in the American Association between 1880 and 1887. Photo credit: Napoleon Sarony / Library of Congress


History lesson aside, we’re seeing the Mets yet again. They’ve had a rocky start to the 2020 season, but have seemed to be playing much better ball at the moment — of course. The Mets have ran into the the Yankees at just the right time and have taken full advantage of the opportunity.

While the Bronx Bombers halted their 7-game skid yesterday thanks to a solid from old buddy Dellin Betances, they are right back over the flames in Game 1 today as manager Aaron Boone is going a bullpen strategy with right-hander Michael King taking the hill first.

Righty Rick Porcello will be starting for the Mets. Of late, the pinstripes seemed to finally figured our Porcello, who gave them fits in his earlier stints with the Detroit and the Red Sox. Mike Tauchman, Brett Gardner and Luke Voit are strong suggestions for your DFS lineup.

Check about before Game 2 for DFS cheat sheet info. Good luck, and let’s go Yankees!


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