What, Me Worry? '98 Yankees Lost *3* Straight to Start the Season!

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Alfred E. Neuman Wikimedia Commons
Alfred E. Neuman

Image: Wikimedia Commons


: Game 164 / 2013. Make that Game 2 / 2014. In a continuation of last season’s curse — Hiroki Kuroda pitches well enough to win. Gets zip, zilch, nada run support. And tagged with a loss. The veteran righty grinded out a 91 pitch, six inning stint that kept the Yanks in the game tonight. But dumb luck, as they ran into yet another Cy Young lookalike in Jarred Cosart.
*If * somebody… anybody… could rise to the occasion and actually hit one where somebody ain’t for a change, we can get this caravan on the right course — and if that kept up, Kuroda would win 20 games in the process!
BOTTOM LINE: Here’s the read-it-and-weep recap. And the infuriating box score, which includes an 0-10 RISP. But don’t get nervous. There’s only 4 road games left before The Home Opener. It’s not like we could come home 0-6 or anything for cripes-sake, huh?
MEMORY LANE: The 1998 Yankees actually lost 4 out of their first 5, then went on a tear that resulted in a 26-7 record after 33 games. And the rest is history. Literally.


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