Dean Anna Makes Bullpen Bid in 16-1 Beatdown

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What else can you say after this one? Dean Anna for Mayor? Why not. We’ll get to that in a minute.
If they were smart, the Tampa Bay Rays would have saved 14 runs for tomorrow. But the way this series has turned, they’ll probably score ’em again anyway. The Ray’s bats blistered Yankees starter Ivan Nova, putting the game essentially out of reach by the 3rd inning, given the continuation of Tampa starter Chris Archer’s relentless mastery of the Yanks (5-0 lifetime).
Manager Joe Girardi quickly removed Nova in the 5th after he showed visible discomfort to his pitching arm. Nova gave up a career high 4 home runs, while allowing 8 earned to cross the plate. Matt Daley, who just stepped off of the Scranton Shuttle, had no better fortune — giving up 6 runs (4 earned) in 1 1/3. 12-1 Tampa Bay.
Two walks and a Yangervis Solarte throwing error marred the 6th inning for reliever Dellin Betances, as the carnage then totaled 14-1. But the Washington Heights/LES product did manage to keep the Rays off of the scoreboard for an inning in the 7th — the only time since a scoreless first recorded by Nova. Betances notched 3 K’s in his overall outing.

Dean Anna Enters, Hilarity Ensues

In the ‘Momma Told Me There’d Be Games Like This’ Dept. — Girardi wisely went beyond the suddenly taxed bullpen to an unlikely arm in the bottom of the 8th. Our ultimate utility man Dean Anna. With little other on the positive to relay, the YES Network broadcast team delivered what could only be expected.
Analyst/Announcer extraordinaire Kenny Singleton  had the line of the night after a 55MPH Anna pitch — “He didn’t want to break the speed limit”, after a few seeds that hit 62MPH on the gun. John ‘Flash’ Flaherty — who analyzed a slow-mo replay of Anna’s delivery motion, correctly noting the need for more ‘extension’. A much needed moment of distraction from the horror on the screen.
On a serious note, kudos to Dean Anna for taking one for the team tonight, and delivery mechanics aside, the man was pitching to contact and throwing strikes! Joe might want to make a mental note of that.

Game Notes

Aside from the immediate concern of  Nova’s right elbow, is his maddening inconsistency. When he’s dialed in, he can have no-hit stuff. Then, nights like this … Kelly Johnson’s ribby double to deep center in the 5th kept the Yanks from being shut out, plating Alfonso Soriano, who reached base on an infield single. That was the ‘power report’ for tonight’s game, more’s the pity …
Here’s the box score. Tomorrow is another day. Happy Easter Sunday and ‘Welcome Back, Tex’!


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